Just Do Something

Read an article – the whole article.

Or a book.

Watch a documentary with no device at hand.

Learn a skill via Youtube or any of the online courses available and then put it to use.

Try cooking something different or try a new spice.

Walk a different route and take time to look at what is around you. Make note of what you see and hear.s

Sometimes we need to dig deep into something for learning. Spending time and putting forth concentrated energy.

But learning isn’t just limited to this. In fact, going out of our way to try a different route home or walk somewhere new requires us to pay attention – to not rely on habit. It makes our brain pay attention – to focus instead of being on autopilot.

It’s in moments like these, when we step out of our usual to do something unusual that new ideas spring forth, new ways of seeing things take place – the occasional “Ah ha” moment!

But it does require a choice. A choice to do something different from what we’ve always done. To not rely on habit.

How about today, you take a walk at lunch and eat in a new place?

Every Day is a PD Day!

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