The Power of Dissonance

Dissonance – inconsistency between the beliefs one holds or between one’s actions and one’s beliefs. “Dissonance.”

Dissonance makes us uncomfortable, whether it is notes that don’t go together or our own beliefs and actions that are not congruent, dissonance is uncomfortable.

Each day we are surrounded by dissonance – on television, social media, the people around us, and our own thoughts and actions. We see, hear, and feel this inconsistency as it plays out in the world. Yet, it also has power to help us improve and grow if we recognize the cause.

In a world that moves faster and faster, the art of self-reflection is becoming more and more important. It makes us slow down, quiet our minds, and seek out the dissonance in order to work toward creating harmony.

To thrive, there must be harmony. In order to achieve harmony, all the different sounds in our lives need to be working together. When we feel dissonance it is a sign to pause and reflect, to be quiet and listen.

Do you feel dissonance in your life? Maybe it is time to pause and self-reflect. To see where there is disharmony and, then, begin to work towards harmony. What we do today will help us to thrive tomorrow.

Every day is a PD Day

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