#saskedchat -Dec 20th, 2018

This week #saskedchat had a special Holiday Edition. The chat focused on sharing, caring, giving and goodwill towards others. The participants shared some great ideas and insights as we explored the following questions during the chat:

As always, there was some great ideas and resources shared by participants. When it came to sharing resources participants felt were important, they had a wide variety of suggestions! From resources to read to centers to technology, participants shared their ideas. Below are just a few of the suggestions!

As educators, sharing a love of learning is one of the benefits of the job. Participants shared some of the different ways they share their love of learning. Those below demonstrate the different ways that educators go about sharing with other their love of learning. One theme that ran throughout the comments was the power of face-to-face discussions, whether outside of the school at conferences or in the school with other educators, students, and parents. I especially like how @FbellomoB focused on teachers sharing! Every day is a PD day! There is opportunity to learn each day and to share with others that love of learning!

Like the conversations mentioned above, those that take place during #saskedchat cover a wide variety of topics – often participants will stray off topic to have amazing side conversations which they still tag into the chat using the hashtag. The great thing about this is that you can see these conversations and learn from them and, if you want, join in and be part of them.

There are many more great ideas and suggestions in the archive of the chat. If you are interested, head over to the archive – December 20th, 2018. 

Our next #saskedchat will be on December 27th, 2018 at 8pm CST. @bickd will be our guest moderator exploring Curriculum Integration. It is the last chat of 2018 so come out and join in the discussion!

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