#saskedchat December 6/18

The December 6th #saskedchat exploration was focused on Re-Imagining Education – where do we go from here? This topic was suggested by @lannysaretsky a teacher from Wadena and is very timely given the ongoing consultations that are taking place in the province of Saskatchewan. The ReImagine Education initiative is one that is focused on reshaping public education. 

Re-Imagine Education is a bold initiative asking us to challenge our views of what education looks like today and what it could look like in the future. This initiative will clarify the issues facing education today, imagine what the future might look like and plan how to make the vision a reality. Re-Imagine Education

The following video explores students ideas about Re-Imagining Education. 

During the chat, participants were asked to respond to the following questions as part of an exploration of Re-Imagining Education:

  • What would re-imagined education look like for students?
  • What would re-imagined education look like for parents? 
  • How might we re-imagine education for the community? 
  • What might re-imagined education look like for teachers? 
  • How might education be re-imagined to support reconciliation?
  • How might education be re-imagined to be more inclusive for all students?
  • How might education be re-imagined to support global connections for learning? 
  • TA – What is something you can do right now to begin to re-imagine education in your classroom/school/community?

There were many great ideas suggested by participants for each of the questions. What was great was that some of the participants were from outside of Saskatchewan and were sharing what had been going on in their schools or jurisdictions as they also work toward Re-Imagining Education. One of the great things about #saskedchat is the global perspective that often happens as people join the chat from all over the globe. It helps us to see that there are many other educators who are passionately exploring and trying innovative ways to address the needs of their students and community and who are willing to share with us in this journey.

You can check out the archive of the chat here . 

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