#saskedchat November 29th

On the November 29th edition of #saskedchat @bickd joined us as a guest moderator. Dawn has been a guest moderator a number of times and always does such an amazing job. She always has a great variety of questions that explore the topic of exploration in a variety of ways. This time was no different as Dawn led an exploration of Differentiation that explored the topic from a variety of perspectives. 

Another great thing having Dawn lead the discussions it that it allows me a bit more time to interact with the other participants and explore the questions from their perspectives. This doesn’t always happen when I’m moderating the chat so it’s a real treat when it does happen! I’ve included the archive of the discussion below. There are a number of great resources that were offered up by participants that are related to Differentiation and would be worth exploring. You can find the¬†archive here


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