A New Beginning

As the school year came to a close so did my first blog over at edublogs. For some reason edublogs has gone through some serious downtime. I have patiently waited to have for them to get things up and running but it hasn’t happened so I’ve decided that it be best to move on. Now, after some looking around, I’ve decided that I’d stick with WordPress and move my blog to this site. The big thing is that I now have to go through the whole process of moving and letting everyone know that I’ve moved. Since there is no “service” that will tell people my blog has moved, I will begin visiting different sites, commenting and leaving my new address.

I thought of purchasing space on a host and doing my own blogging but, truthfully, I’m not ready for that yet. Maybe after this summer I will be more familiar with this but right now I just want to get back up and posting. I have a few posts ready to go so I’ll be adding to my posts quickly.

I guess this isĀ  a good way to start the summer. It’s a bit late for spring cleaning but summer is also a time that will give me a chance to do some reading and blogging so who knows where this will go. I hope whomever finds me here will at least be mildly entertained and a few might find some nuggets.

So, awwayy we go!


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    Kelly – I dig the new blog. If you get to the point where you want to self-host, let me know, I’d be happy to assist. Thanks for blogging!

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