Professional Presentations

This is where I share my presentations and creations, few that they are at the moment! I do intend to grow this section as I create and share ideas on learning, professional development, and growing.

Presentation – Rural Congress – Leadership to SCALE  – March 21, 2016

Screenshot 2016-04-01 13.10.07

Leadership to SCALE


Presentations – NESD Convention

Screenshot 2014-05-19 19.57.43

Learning Prezis

My prezi on using tools for connecting and teaching. Talking Tech

Screenshot 2014-05-19 19.58.01

Example of Design Thinking Prototype Testing – DTMooc

Screenshot 2014-05-19 19.58.15

Example of Design Thinking – 50 Solutions – DTMooc

Augemented Reality – using Thinglink 

Using Augmented Reality to share.

Screenshot 2014-05-19 20.05.36

iPad Apps to get started as an educator


Padagogy Wheel – links to listed apps.

 Screenshot 2014-05-19 20.06.01

Using Social Media as an EAL teacher

Screenshot 2016-03-17 15.08.01

EAL Presentation

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