Resource Review – Pearltrees

Pearltrees is an online curation service that allows the user to store and share their own items, pictures, notes, writings and also collect and share items from the web.   Pearltrees, the place to organize all your interests, has gathered… Continue Reading

Podcasting – Lead Learning 2.0

  I’m taking a course from Alec Couros, ECI831 and one of the assignments to document my learning of something new. I first thought I’d document my learning to play the piano…. I’ve always wanted to learn to play the… Continue Reading

dcmooc – digital citizenship

Global Digital Environment – We are not alone I’m looking forward to engaging with other learners during the dcmooc – Digital Citizenship Massive Open Online Course – being facilitated by Alec Couros,  co-facilitator Katia Hildebrandt (@kbhildebrandt), and Government of Saskatchewan liaison Joanna… Continue Reading

Losing that “tech edge” feeling

We just finished parent/student/teacher conferences and the school is now quiet. Everyone else has gone home to rest and get ready for more conferences tomorrow morning. We then have the afternoon “off” – I’ll be here getting ready for early… Continue Reading

Wrestling the invisible

I took some time to do some reading last week during our February break. There were many great posts and ideas that are circulating via my RSS Reader but three posts really caught my attention. The first was Linda‘s post about the difference she sees between “front line… Continue Reading