#saskedchat – Feb 12th, 2015

Our last #saskedchat focused on mentorship and the role it plays for teachers especially in regards to new teachers and internship. The chat was very lively with many of the contributors willing to share ideas and insights about the importance… Continue Reading

#saskedchat January 29, 2015

What a great chat tonight! We used scramblr to decide what topic to discuss. After posting the link to the site, participants suggested topics or gave their support to a topic on the board.   For a first attempt things went… Continue Reading

#saskedchat – January 8th, 2015

Welcome back! 2015 has arrived and the #saskedchat began with a huge BANG! We were discussing goals and plans for the upcoming year. There were a large number of participants who shared their goals, their plans for the upcoming year… Continue Reading

EC&I 831 – Final Summary Reflection

Photo Credit: sdobie via Compfight cc The final summary for EC&I831 was a great way to spend some time to reflect on the learning from the past few months and then look forward just a bit. In the Rearview Mirror… Continue Reading

The power of connection

Photo Credit: Kieran Gillard via Compfight cc It’s Connected Educator Month. There are many great activities and options for teachers who want to get connected for the first time or who are already connected and want to expand their connections.… Continue Reading

Why Blog?

Photo Credit: Kristina B via Compfight cc Why Blog? As you will notice, blogging has been a process that has swung back and forth between very active and almost non-existent. This usually has to do with how busy I am… Continue Reading

#saskedchat October 2nd, 2014

Our chat for Thursday, October 2nd will focus on Coach/Admin Support for Teachers. In keeping with the plan to involve more people and have greater participation, here are some questions to ponder for tonight’s chat:   How can coaches support… Continue Reading

#saskedchat – September 25th

Another great chat tonight. I am kinda feeling bad because I didn’t get to posting any of the questions. Truthfully, I only had a few questions to start and just let the flow of the chat lead to the last… Continue Reading