Breaking Free

Despite the massive amount of changes taking place in society, schools continue to resist. However a small number break free of the traditional classrooms, halls and desks to embrace different designs that permit students to engage and embrace learning and… Continue Reading

First Contact – School Contact

Youtube – First Contact  First Contact – in Star Trek, this is a crucial moment for the human race – devastated by the WWIII, earth is in a state where it’s survival is uncertain and First Contact is important. Chaos… Continue Reading

Disruptions & Workflow Tools

Photo Credit: aignatzy via Compfight cc Which one?  “What tools have you found to be most valuable?” Inevitably the amount of tools and options become overwhelming. Which one? Like the sorting hat, you have to make choices about the tools… Continue Reading

Being Professional The past few days I’ve been thinking about what it means to be professional and what it means to be a digital citizen. As a teacher and administrator, I always considered myself a professional, trying to always stay attuned… Continue Reading

Losing that “tech edge” feeling

We just finished parent/student/teacher conferences and the school is now quiet. Everyone else has gone home to rest and get ready for more conferences tomorrow morning. We then have the afternoon “off” – I’ll be here getting ready for early… Continue Reading