Being Professional The past few days I’ve been thinking about what it means to be professional and what it means to be a digital citizen. As a teacher and administrator, I always considered myself a professional, trying to always stay attuned… Continue Reading

Everywhere Citizenship

Terry Johanson’s post The Ocean and the Tide has me thinking about the whole idea of being “online” and what it means to be a citizen online and if it is really any different from being a citizen anywhere else. When… Continue Reading

Phoenix Rising

I’ve recently began the #dcmooc – Digital Citizenship and am looking forward to the connecting and learning. The prompt for this week was: What are your goals for #DCMOOC, and what will you do to achieve them?  My response had covered three… Continue Reading

dcmooc – digital citizenship

Global Digital Environment – We are not alone I’m looking forward to engaging with other learners during the dcmooc – Digital Citizenship Massive Open Online Course – being facilitated by Alec Couros,  co-facilitator Katia Hildebrandt (@kbhildebrandt), and Government of Saskatchewan liaison Joanna… Continue Reading