Get the Hammer I have a Nut

Photo Credit: Billy Wilson Photography via Compfight cc The discussion tonight by Alan Levine – cogdog – was awesome. I have always enjoyed reading Alan’s work and find his insights into learning often challenge me to think deeply about different… Continue Reading

#saskedchat October 2nd, 2014

Our chat for Thursday, October 2nd will focus on Coach/Admin Support for Teachers. In keeping with the plan to involve more people and have greater participation, here are some questions to ponder for tonight’s chat:   How can coaches support… Continue Reading

Tools of the Trade

Photo Credit: nipun_kul via Compfight cc Using Chrome to Screencast I was looking for a quick way to do a screencast today and remembered hearing that there was an extension for the Chrome browser that could be used. Instead of… Continue Reading

Book Cruising

Feedback. We know how important it is at all levels of education, from students through to those in executive positions. Because feedback usually requires a receiver and sender, both play an integral part of the feedback equation. For educators, they play… Continue Reading

dcmooc – digital citizenship

Global Digital Environment – We are not alone I’m looking forward to engaging with other learners during the dcmooc – Digital Citizenship Massive Open Online Course – being facilitated by Alec Couros,  co-facilitator Katia Hildebrandt (@kbhildebrandt), and Government of Saskatchewan liaison Joanna… Continue Reading

11 Underlying Assumptions Of Digital Literacy

A very good discussion about digital literacy. 11 Underlying Assumptions Of Digital Literacy. It’s becoming more important that we pay attention to digital literacy, digital citizenship and netiquette. I believe that it isn’t something that you teach in a “class” but… Continue Reading

84 (And Counting) Bloom’s Taxonomy Tools Worth Trying – Edudemic

Some good ideas and suggestions for anyone starting out or just looking to add something to what they are already doing in/out of the classroom. 84 (And Counting) Bloom’s Taxonomy Tools Worth Trying – Edudemic.