It’s about being Curious

Ever watch a small child with something they have picked up? How they study it and become fascinated by what they are looking at? Or how they will watch insects just crawl around? If you’ve done this, then you know… Continue Reading

.#CanWestchat – June 20th, 2015

#CanWestchat Trends It was another great #CanWestchat. Today we were discussing Ways to Engage all Learners. The chat brings together participants and moderators from #mbedchat, #saskedchat & #abedchat. This morning we were reminded how even when we think we have… Continue Reading

It’s in the Attitude

Photo credit — matt hutchinson creative For years I was a painter — I put myself through university and spent a few years afterward running my own company painting houses and commercial properties. At one point, the company had 20 summer students and… Continue Reading

Untethering Imagination

Photo Credit: determinatum via Compfight cc This week I’ve been thinking a lot about creativity, imagination, and creative thinking. Part of the reason is that I’m working through the exercises in Claudia Azula Altucher’s Become an Idea Machine – and Todd Henry’s Accidental Creative trying to exercise my… Continue Reading

A Moment, Planned, of Sharing

Photo Credit: papernstitch via Compfight cc There seems to be a theme of late about skills for future success and how people organize themselves. Our own #saskedchat blogging challenge, which you can join and participate at any time, began with the question The topic for this week is Organization/Productivity… Continue Reading

Tools of the Trade

Photo Credit: nipun_kul via Compfight cc Using Chrome to Screencast I was looking for a quick way to do a screencast today and remembered hearing that there was an extension for the Chrome browser that could be used. Instead of… Continue Reading

#saskedchat September 11, 2014

This was a great chat. There were new contributors and great ideas were shared. As moderator, I had little time to contribute as I was kept busy with retweets and organizing the questions. Alas, the tech gremlins have been busy… Continue Reading

#saskedchat – August 28, 2014 – Are you Ready?

Tonight we had a great/awesome/wild/invigorating chat! It was so fast and furious my twubs couldn’t keep up at times and I needed two devices to keep up. Below is the archive of the chat. There are some great links and… Continue Reading