EC&I 831 – Final Summary Reflection

Photo Credit: sdobie via Compfight cc The final summary for EC&I831 was a great way to spend some time to reflect on the learning from the past few months and then look forward just a bit. In the Rearview Mirror… Continue Reading

#saskedchat – November 27th, 2014

  Another great #saskedchat! Our topic tonight was work/life balance and teacher burnout. The discussion was awesome and there were some great ideas and insights shared by the participants. I’d like to thank @bircherd and @lawsonames for co-moderating and all… Continue Reading

First Contact – School Contact

Youtube – First Contact  First Contact – in Star Trek, this is a crucial moment for the human race – devastated by the WWIII, earth is in a state where it’s survival is uncertain and First Contact is important. Chaos… Continue Reading

Hey Teacher – Leverage Twitter

For many teachers, twitter is definitely becoming a great way to connect with other teachers, find information and develop a Personal Learning Network (PLN). It can be a great addition to your Personal Learning Environment (PLE) which consists of all… Continue Reading

Get the Hammer I have a Nut

Photo Credit: Billy Wilson Photography via Compfight cc The discussion tonight by Alan Levine – cogdog – was awesome. I have always enjoyed reading Alan’s work and find his insights into learning often challenge me to think deeply about different… Continue Reading

Disruptions & Workflow Tools

Photo Credit: aignatzy via Compfight cc Which one?  “What tools have you found to be most valuable?” Inevitably the amount of tools and options become overwhelming. Which one? Like the sorting hat, you have to make choices about the tools… Continue Reading