#saskedchat November 19, 2015

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We had a busy afternoon and evening at #saskedchat. First, we hosted a Special Edition #ecs301 for students of the ECS301 course at the University of Regina. Katia Hildebrandt their professor arranged to have the whole class join #saskedchat as we discussed Supporting New Teachers. It was a great chat with teachers and Ed Students joining in with their ideas, suggestions, questions and queries related to supporting new teachers. I highly recommend you check out the archive for some great ideas, suggestions and some great straight talk from beginning teachers!

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But that wasn’t the end of the fun! At 8pm CST we hosted our regular chat time. This time, we opened the tweetdeck up and just chatted. We started talking about supporting new teachers but that soon branched off into assessment, mentoring, supporting all teachers and a bunch of other discussions about teaching and supporting teachers. There are a few of the same voices but most of the participants in the evening chat didn’t take place in the afternoon Special Edition #ecs301 chat. There are some great suggestions for assessment resources in this chat and, again, the participants had some great insights and suggestions about these topics. Well worth you taking time to look through the archive.


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