#saskedchat November 5th

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Tonight’s #saskedchat topic is Incorporating What Students are Reading/Creating in the Classroom. We hope you will take the time to join us and share your ideas and insights into this topic.

#saskedchat is at 8pm CST

Q1. Why is it important to incorporate what students are reading/creating? #saskedchat

Q2. What strategies do you use to incorporate student work? #saskedchat

Q3. Do you assess work done by students outside of class? How? #saskedchat

Q4. How do you make time for Ss created work in the classroom? #saskedchat

Q5. What are some issues with incorporating Ss reading/creating in the classroom? #saskedchat

Q6. What are the positives to using Ss reading/creating in the classroom? #saskedchat

Take Away – What is one idea you could implement in your classroom to incorporate more Ss reading/creating in your classroom?


We had an awesome chat filled with great ideas and insights about brining student home work to the classroom, encouraging their creativity and innovation through integrating their interests in the classroom and exploring how assessment and other forms of feedback might be used.


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