.#CanWestchat – June 20th, 2015

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#CanWestchat Trends

It was another great #CanWestchat. Today we were discussing Ways to Engage all Learners. The chat brings together participants and moderators from #mbedchat, #saskedchat & #abedchat. This morning we were reminded how even when we think we have communicated clearly there is still miscommunication! Our moderator group found out how time zone navigation can mess with things even when people all think they are clear about what will happen. Despite some starting moments being a bit confusing, the chat got underway as @ZBettess, one of the moderators from Manitoba,  led us through the opening and first question and got the chat off to a great start.

Our topic generated some great discussion which you can check out in the embedded storify below. I’d like to thank @Shawnrrram, @c_quong, @Jodid2, and @bircherd for moderating with me and doing a fabulous job of greeting, sharing ideas and resources and making this such an awesome chat. I’d like to wish everyone all the best in the final days of school and a great summer holiday.

Summer Chats

We will be having #CanWestchat on July 18th and August 15th at 9AM CST/MDT and 10 AM CDT.  We will be sending out a link to a Topic Selection Form and are looking for you input on the topics for our chats. If you are looking for a good time zone map, this is what I use WorldTimeZone

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Take a look through the archive for some great recourses and ideas. I am always humbled to think of how many educators take time from their Saturday morning to join in the chat. Thank you all! Until July, continue to be #Edu_Awesome!


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