A Moment, Planned, of Sharing

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There seems to be a theme of late about skills for future success and how people organize themselves. Our own #saskedchat blogging challenge, which you can join and participate at any time, began with the question

The topic for this week is Organization/Productivity – tools you use. Share how you stay organized and the tools you use to manage your time and focus on being productive. 

There were a number of great posts about how people manage time and what tools they use. I was especially thrilled to see U of R Ed students ErikoKendra, and Paige  join the challenge and share their insights and learning. I hope they will encourage other future teachers to join and share with us.

Ferrah explores finding balance with work, family and community in her first blog post – which is a wonderful synthesis of her experience as a woman, mother, wife, community member and teacher. Alan continues to grow and develop, sharing his experience and reflections, excitement and joy as he continues to grow and learn 25plus years into his career! Kim shares in an open and honest fashion her preference for lists and notes, stickies and the fridge calendar! She shares what works for her which is what I believe is so important!  Amy shares her journey with co-teaching, co-organizing, google docs and her Honda Fit, all woven together in such a way that you can almost feel her excitement for, and desire to, improve and grow, learn and share!

I am always thrilled/ excited/humbled/awed as I read through post of people as they open up and share a glimpse into their lives in such an honest and pure way. They aren’t looking to sell their point of view or convince you or further their online careers. They are sharing for the sake of sharing, to help and explore, learn and engage.  Often, students/teachers/educators are willing to share and join conversations but “the schedule” gets in the way. In my experience, they yearn for conversations that get past the “reform discussions” (testing, grading, curriculum) and delve into their experiences, the relationships they have and the learning/sharing they are doing in their classrooms/schools. They want to make connections with others and share, learn, and grow. For far too long, they have listened to “experts” while few have had any share their own expertise garnered from experiences of lived learning.

So, if you can, take a moment and visit each of these sites. Read their lives that they freely share.


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