Major Project Update

Learning Leaders Podcast

Learning Leaders Podcast


My Major Project was going very well until last week. A number of different events, including almost losing the tip of a finger, has put me behind on the work I was doing and limited the time I have had to work with the interviews that I have for the next podcast. I’ve interviewed a number of teachers about the importance of being connected and how it is integral to their work as educators, either as teachers or administrators.  I was hoping to continue from the interview I did with Alan Stange and build on what I have learned to blend the voices of these different educators into one podcast. I’ve spent a great deal of time listening to different podcasts as I explore different ways to interview and combine the information and interviews.

As I reflect on the work and the interviews that I have done, I realize that there are a number of different aspects of the podcast that I would like to focus on in upcoming episodes to improve the overall quality. One of the major points I need to continue to work on is my own part in the podcast. Although I have improved in some areas of speaking, I realize that I there is still a great deal that I can do to improve the overall quality. My questioning and the way that I ask questions is one area that I want to improve in order to make the questions more concise and precise. I have tried a few different things in this regard, like prewriting the questions, I still need to improve the quality of the questions and the wording. Also, there is a part of the conversation with Alan where I take over the interview. Having listened to a number of different podcasts, I realize that I need to continue to work on this one area so that I don’t interrupt or interject and allow the interview to reflect the thoughts and ideas of the person which is somewhat difficult when I have a particular opinion about some aspect of the conversation.

A second aspect that I want to focus on is the flow of the interview. In my first interview with Alan, it took a great deal of time to edit and, as some of the listeners pointed out, my use of breaks wasn’t as smooth as it should have been. I found that the feedback I received was very informative and I will incorporate this into the next podcast that I am working on.

I want to continue to develop this podcast beyond the work I’m doing in the EC&I course, making it a part of the #saskedchat format that explores different topics and includes the voices of the people who take part in the chat and also expand it to include interviews with some of the thought-leaders in education in Canada. There are a number of different podcasts that focus on edtech or education issues and I wish to continue to develop this to add voices from educators in Saskatchewan and Canada.

I appreciated the input and feedback from people who have taken the time to listen to the podcast. I  enjoy the challenge of all the different aspects of making the podcast and value any insights, ideas, or suggestions that people have to improve what I am doing.

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