Learning Leaders – Episode 5

In Episode 5 of the Learning Leaders podcast I have a conversation with Alan Stange an elementary teacher in Moose Jaw. We discuss Alan’s use of technology, thoughts about taking risks and using technology in the classroom. Again, there are things I’m learning about making a podcast and one thing I have to figure out is how to remove background noise. Although the interview went well, I’m still working on the flow. Another point that I need to consider is the length of the interview. This started out at about 30 minutes of interview which might be a bit long depending on whether your interested or not. I’ve added a few more things to make it flow better. I might consider creating two podcasts from a lengthy interview which might help.

Are there things that need to be changed? What are some things that would improve the podcast? If you have any suggestions for me or have an idea for the podcast or if you’d like to be a guest, let me know.

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