Major Project – Rewind


Learning Leaders Podcast

Learning Leaders Podcast

My major project continues to evolve and morph as I try new things and make adjustments based on feedback and my own reflections. I’ve also done a screencast to show others what is involved in the editing for the podcasts that I am doing.


My new microphone has arrived and I’m looking forward to trying it out on my next podcast. I’ve made contact with a number of different people and am looking forward to this next step where I incorporate an interview into the podcast.


Each podcast is only  8 to 12 minutes in length. It doesn’t seem very long and when I listen to the final products, they aren’t really the “high caliber” podcasts like the Read to Lead or TeacherCast podcasts although I’m hoping adding a different microphone might improve the sound quality. I’m also hoping that adding interviews and doing some different things will improve the overall presentation quality. Having said that, time is a factor. Although I am getting better at the presentation of the podcast, adding a few other items to the mix will add more time to the editing portion. I’m trying to find a workflow that will help me manage the different projects that I am working on at the moment. I’m really working at trying to create a manageable workflow and planning for each of the projects so that when the unexpected life things happen, I can still manage what needs to be done.

Another challenge is the learning how to use the different technical aspects of GarageBand. I’ve just started to scratch the surface of what the software is capable of doing. Although some of the other  educational podcasters are using Audacity, I’m finding GB to be a bit easier to manage. The big thing will be looking for supports to do things like importing interviews and adding different portions like sounds and breaks and filtering out various noise.


For me, this cannot be just a “project” but needs to expand and become an integral part of my learning and sharing. I believe that by reaching out to Saskatchewan teachers, incorporating their ideas, thoughts, concerns, and dreams, the podcast will be more than just a project. Right now, I’m focusing on our topics from #saskedchat as a beginning point. I believe that this will expand and grow as the podcast develops. For now, it provides a topic that, for some, is on their minds because they’ve taken part of a discussion.


As always, I am looking for feedback and ideas. Sometimes it is hard to know how things sound or come across because I’ve listened to the audio a number of times. Please don’t hesitate to let me know what needs to get better and where I need to improve.

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I am a husband, father, son.... I am currently working on my PhD in Education - Curriculum and Instruction. My focus is teacher professional development and social media integration. I have a beautiful, supportive wife who has been my partner for 28 years. We have 8 wonderful children who are amazing individuals. Together, we are exploring the world around us, sharing our stories, and enjoying the journey!


  1. Kelly, when I checked out your post I was immediately in awe. First, because you are doing podcasting based on Sask Teachers interests and what’s important to us right now, so you are aware of your audience base. Second, you are doing podcasts, which for me is still something I’m learning how to do more effectively. Third, I would love more screencasts on using Garage Band! I had to teach this program to a classroom about a month ago, and being a non-GarageBand user (or non-musically inclined person) I found that I was in a bit of a panic. So I immediately took to the Internet to glean out a few intro videos to help me. I taught myself the basics garage band, created a Mimio lesson and shared with the students…. The project went well, kids took off with it (of course). Now what I would love are lessons in how I can use Garage Band for situations like podcasting. So I guess, to end my long comment… Thank you, your post was very helpful!

    • Thanks. I’m trying to focus on the different things that seem relevant to teachers, at least teachers who come out to #saskedchat! Hopefully in the upcoming episodes I’ll be able to get some teachers on the podcast and discuss the issues they are interested in. I’ll keep on with the screencasts – since it’s a learning event for me too! Sharing helps us all be better.

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