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Using Chrome to Screencast

I was looking for a quick way to do a screencast today and remembered hearing that there was an extension for the Chrome browser that could be used. Instead of trying to find something else, I open the browser and began to explore what was available. I found two options.

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One was Screenr. I started with this one only to find out I needed to have java so I didn’t pursue it any further.

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I read through the information provided and was going to give it a try but decided to take a look at another one.

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This is the option I decided to try after reading through the information. Although it doesn’t allow for editing, it was an easy and slick way to create a screencast and share it. The extension offers you a few options for recording

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I chose to capture my desktop without embedding the webcam on the video. I did two takes of the screencast. Now  you can share these directly to your Google Drive which is an excellent option since that allows me to access them anywhere and allows me to share them with others. Once you are done recording, the extension automatically goes to the browser window that opened when you started and the screencast begins to play.

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After listening you can delete it if you want something different or  you can save to disk or share. When you press share you get a few options

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I chose to share my screencast to Google Drive so that I could share it in a Google+ group. Now, if you are thinking of doing this, then you need to go to  change one of the options.

To do this, once you choose to share it to Google Drive, you will then be taken back to the screencast. You will click on the screencasity icon in the browser which is in the top left corner on mine – it looks like a film reel piece.

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This will open up the screen casting dialogue box again.

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You will select Show existing Screencasts. This will take you to the screencasts you have created

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As you can see, I created two of them. The first was a test trial so I didn’t name it but you should give your screencast a title. From here, select the drop down box to take a look at the options.

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Select Options. This will open a page where you can choose how you want to deal the screencast. I wanted it to upload to Google Drive but this is not checked by default so I checked it.

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By doing this, the screencasts automatically show up in my Google Drive for later. Two folders are automatically created in my Google Drive for two of the apps I chose to install.

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The two screencasts I created are inside the Screencasity folder.

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It takes a few moments for the screencast to process. You can now share the screencast by using the link like you would other google documents.

I think that this is an easy way for students to demonstrate different things they are doing on the screen and explain their steps or their thinking as they work through demonstrating or writing or videos or pictures. In the classroom, I think that it could be used in a number of different ways, especially for students sharing materials or helping one another. My next venture is to see if it works on an iPad!

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  1. Thank you for this explanation. I will have to attempt a screencast using this Chrome extension. I’m also a Google Drive user, so I like that it goes to my Drive.

  2. Thanks! I was able to do a quick screencast today showing the basics of google drive, and then posted it to my class wiki! I can see myself doing many more in the future!

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