#saskedchat September 11, 2014

This was a great chat. There were new contributors and great ideas were shared. As moderator, I had little time to contribute as I was kept busy with retweets and organizing the questions. Alas, the tech gremlins have been busy this week and, although they didn’t cause me too many problems during the chat, I was only able to gather about half the chat contributions in this weeks Storify archive. After some investigation, here’s what I found out.

Storify link to reason Why I can’t get more tweets

After hearing various reports of event or chat hashtags only returning 20 results in Storify’s Twitter source, the Storify team reached out to Twitter for more information.

Twitter identified a problem in its Search API that affects the immediate retrieval of results for certain searches, thus affecting the Storify Twitter source for these same searches.

Unfortunately, since the issue is not on Storify’s end, we do not have the ability to fix it ourselves, but have continued to provide Twitter with examples of search terms being affected and are standing by for news on a fix now.

Until then, it’s possible Storify can investigate other solutions for performing Twitter searches or the workarounds mentioned below can be used. We’re very sorry for any inconvenience this might be causing you for things like event recaps or Twitter chats.

After a 2nd attempt, I was able to capture more of the conversation – only missing the first question and intros.

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