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#saskedchat -Dec 20th, 2018

This week #saskedchat had a special Holiday Edition. The chat focused on sharing, caring, giving and goodwill towards others. The participants shared some great ideas and insights as we explored the following questions during the chat: As always, there was some great ideas and resources shared by participants. When it came to sharing resources participants […]

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#saskedchat December 6/18

The December 6th #saskedchat exploration was focused on Re-Imagining Education – where do we go from here? This topic was suggested by @lannysaretsky a teacher from Wadena and is very timely given the ongoing consultations that are taking place in the province of Saskatchewan. The ReImagine Education initiative is one that is focused on reshaping […]

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#saskedchat November 29th

On the November 29th edition of #saskedchat @bickd joined us as a guest moderator. Dawn has been a guest moderator a number of times and always does such an amazing job. She always has a great variety of questions that explore the topic of exploration in a variety of ways. This time was no different […]

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