Every Day is a PD Day

“Learning creates more competence but first, it amplifies our feelings of incompetence.” Seth Godin

Continual learning isn’t just about gathering new skills or staying up-to-date on the newest trends, research, or developments. It’s about seeing ourselves as someone who has something to contribute to the world while also needing to continue to develop and grow.

It’s always being in that state of “not-quite-there” and being comfortable with feeling incompetent before developing competence knowing that the cycle will continue if one is to continue to grow and learn.

Learning – the cycle of development – continues until one decides to stop.

It’s a choice – to refuse to accept that continual change is always happening. It requires one to ignore any new evidence that may challenge current knowledge.

Learning continues until one decides to stop.

I’d rather be surrounded by people who are continuing to learn and grow, to develop their skills and improve themselves – to Thrive.

That’s why Every Day is a PD Day.

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