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It often seems I don’t have anything new to share or what I do have to share isn’t really relevant.

Seth Godin, in his post The Paradox of Self-skepticism, states

So the hard work is to speak up at the very same time you’re open (in fact, eager) to change your mind based on new data.

One without the other is worthless.

Seth Godin

This paradox often keeps me from putting thoughts onto the page and sharing them. “Who am I to think I have anything to share? or Who wants to listen to another old white guy?” These and other similar thoughts keep me from taking time to share – the whole imposter syndrome effect.

But, looking deeper, it’s mostly fear – fear of someone disagreeing. Fear of being challenged. Fear of putting that line in the sand. Once an idea is shared, it’s out there. Yet, I often forget that it’s the second part of the quote “you’re open (in fact, eager) to change your mind based on new data.” that is the important part.

Sharing, in this case, isn’t about stating something definitive. It’s about expressing an idea or discussing a concept but being open to learning from others. Without sharing, the latter part is so much harder. Staying within an insulated thought-bubble may feel safe but it also keeps one from growing and improving.

Learning requires sharing at some point. Getting feedback is a critical part of the learning process. It’s important to be challenged to go deeper, to look past where you are to see something beyond.

But to do that, one first has to share. To take the time, and the courage, to share in such a way to be open to feedback and ready to change your mind.

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