Focus on the Essential

Each day we have the opportunity to reach out to others & show them we care for their well being. Each of us has the power to lift others through our actions & words. Focus on the essential & important. Every day is a PD day. #myPDtoday

In Phil Cooke’s book One B1G Thing, he discusses how each person has a mix of specific talents, skills, passions, and values that are the foundation for them to seek out to do their One B1G Thing. For each person, this one big thing is different and unique.

Cooke gives examples of well-known people who have had a significant effect on the world such as Mother Theresa and Sir Winston Churchill. However, we all don’t have to be like these people to have a significant effect on the world and the people around us. In fact, as we work toward finding our One B1G Thing, we will encounter many people along the way. Here’s where there is a wonderful opportunity to reach out, lift others, and share while also continuing on our own path.

While each of us has our own unique path to follow in life, sometimes it takes many years for us to find that path. It may involve many detours and side excursions. If all we focus on is getting there, wherever that happens to be, we miss out on so many opportunities to lift others, share with others, and connect.

I know. I did that for too many years. Focused on one specific goal, I missed out on many opportunities. It wasn’t until I stepped back and reflected on what I was doing that I realized that maybe this wasn’t the right path for me. That was hard given I’d already spent a great deal and energy building that particular path.

But there was something missing. It wasn’t where I was suppose to be and I could feel that. It didn’t fit.

Embrace Reflection – Learn to Pivot

One of the most important things I’ve learned over time is that it’s better to honestly reflect often rather than ignore the nagging feeling that something isn’t right. For me, it took a long time to see that I wasn’t being true to myself. I was good at what I was doing. I was succeeding. But I wasn’t fulfilled.

And I feared changing. Instead, I looked in different places to try to find the one where I would fit.

It didn’t happen. I knew that I needed to make a change but that’s hard.

However, once I did decide to Pivot, to take what I had learned and go in a different direction, I realized just how much I had missed. Fear kept me from exploring a new path. The feeling of security kept me from making a PIVOT even though I knew I wasn’t where I was supposed to be.

Being able to PIVOT is anĀ importantĀ part of our growth and development. It’s what allows us to continue to learn and thrive throughout our lives. And we can see that in the people around us. Those people who have found their One B1G Thing are better able to PIVOT with changes, continuing to grow, develop, and meet new challenges. In doing so, they also lift those around them and genuinely care for how they are doing. Secure in themselves, they see helping others as an opportunity to grow and learn themselves. They aren’t threatened by others’ success; knowing the path they are on allows for others to find their success.

Are you able to PIVOT? Are you able to lift others up? Have you found the path to your One B1G Thing? How willing are you to lift others?

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Until next time, remember, every day is a PD day!

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