SBÉ – Week Three

Welcome to Week 3 of the Summer Blogging Exposé

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Often, when people discuss work life & home life they use ‘balance’ as a way to describe how the two are connected.

Work-Life Balance

Is it possible?

A few years ago I read an article by Chris Brogan on work-life balance and it made me rethink how I was looking at this concept of ‘balance’.

I think the question is part of the problem. I don’t think balance is the goal. I think we seek to thrive.

By changing the question, it changed how I approached the issue and brought about a change in mindset. Instead of ‘settling’ for a balance, I have been exploring how to ‘thrive’. What did I need to do to thrive? What routines did I need to change or adopt to allow me to thrive in different areas of my life? How could I thrive at home? At work? As a parent? Spouse? Son? Spiritually? Mentally? Physically? How do I build thriving relationships?

Thus I have been looking at ways my habits – of mind, of body, of relationship, of spirit, of family, of spouse, of work, or relaxation – affect whether I thrive or just survive. Changing that one perspective has changed how I approach life.

This week I invite you to explore the theme of work-life balance and your own thoughts about this important topic.

I wonder….

What do you think? How do you approach this in your own life?

What are you currently doing about this?
What resources have you been using to support your own development?

I’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas on this subject. I look forward to reading your thoughts on the topic!

Happy blogging!

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