Blogging Exposé

Summer Blogging Exposé

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Starry nights.

                      Fires with marshmallows.

                                                           Day at the beach.


Ice cream.

                 Country drives.

                                          Family vacations.

                                                                  Backyard BBQs with friends & family

So many things take place during those long summer days – memories made for families – watermelon, lemonade, sunrises and sunsets.

A time to slow down and, as a teacher, do some reflecting about the year that has been and dream of the year that will be, to mindfully consider what went well and what needs improvement.

Summer Reflections

This summer #saskedchat will once again be doing a weekly blogging theme as a way to support teachers new to blogging, those who blog but need a little push to get back at it, and those who regularly show up with great posts that make us ponder and reflect, nod quietly and, sometimes, shed a tear and smile.

Yes, blogging is emotional. Deeply emotional. It isn’t easy to put oneself out there for other to see. For some it’s an intense act of bravery, sharing with others in this world of the blogosphere. Many have heard that it’s important to blog, to share with others. But we aren’t all cut from the same cloth. What some see as a great way to share others see as a daunting gauntlet to run with the unknown looming ever so near, whispering of what might happen. For many, they’ve started only to let is slowly slip away as the push and pull of daily life crowds out their best intentions.

Maybe after the dishes tonight.

I’ll get up early tomorrow.

There’s no soccer Wednesday night.

Saturday morning is quiet.

Like so many things, building up the habit of blogging, (and that is what it is, a habit) often doesn’t stick much in the same way New Year’s resolutions soon fade away. Yes, we purchased that domain name (gym membership) but, well, you know the rest of the story.

Blogging Exposé

This year, instead of calling it a ‘challenge’ – we’re going to alter it a bit and make it more of an exposé. There will be a weekly topic for those, like me, who sometimes have trouble getting that initial idea. For others, like Alice,  who already have ideas or wish to follow their own path, they can follow those paths.

One of the things that is often discouraging is a lack of response from others. Sometimes you think you’ve written something really powerful but no one reads it. To help with this, the blogs will be syndicated in one place so people can find them to read and comment. The hope is that this will develop as a Community of Practice, where people will share and grow together, passionate about the work they do.

If you’re interested and would like to join us, check out the #saskedchat hashtag or send me a tweet at @kwhobbes. If you aren’t on Twitter, just add a comment at the bottom and I’ll be happy to get in contact with you.

Topic for Week One

To get started, our topic for next week will be Books To Read. This summer, as you have
time, what books will you dive into? I wanted to say for “professional & pleasure”
but, really, they could be one in the same. Those books that, for whatever reason, you
haven’t opened, YET! Tell us what they are and why you chose them. If you share them
via Twitter add the hashtag #skblog17. Maybe, if you want, share a book you think would
be great for others to read. For me, the first book I will explore is Disrupt Yourself by Jay
Samit. I’ll let you know what I think!


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