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iPad Apps

I was asked to gather some apps for iPads that I thought would be useful for teachers new to using iPads. I wasn’t sure exactly how I might do this so that it was accessible for a number of people, was concise, would provide basic information and allow of link. However,  I had stumbled across Thinglink a few weeks ago and figured this would be a good trial run.

You can see from the image that it allows for you to create links and descriptions through touchspots on the image.  In total, the project didn’t take as much time as I would have thought.   With few screenshots and my Pages, I was able to create a document and then used the screenshot option to get a png. This was then uploaded to the site where I added the links and descriptions and then shared the final project. It took me longer to do the research and do testing of some of the apps that I hadn’t tried than it did to put together the whole image and page.

Educational Uses

I can see this being very useful with elementary teachers who can create an image for a centre activity. I can see it being used in a class for a tiered activity allowing for students to work at their own pace – it allows for embedding of video which would be great for individuals or groups to view. I can see it being used for sharing information with staff or doing learning activities with them. Finally, I can see this being used with parents and the public to share information – a link from a FB page to a poster image with details of an event or to an image explaining changes in assessment and reporting. As a tool for sharing information with others, it has a number of uses that I think could prove very useful for educators.



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  2. Rose McKenzie


    I liked your Thinglink on Basics for Teaching with iPad apps. My only problem is I am not familiar with some of the icons and I can’t read some of the names of the apps. I don’t know if you can make the thinklink image bigger, but I sure wish I knew the name of each app displayed on the info graphic. Any help?

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