How to Sleep Right, Tonight

See on – Educational Discourse If you are sleeping with stress—and waking up at all the wrong times—here’s how to put yourself on snooze control Kelly Christopherson‘s insight: As the school year approaches, here are some tips for those times when you’re sleep patterns get a bit out of order. Best thing, don’t worry…

How to Make an Infographic

See on – Educational Discourse Hello, World! Lots of my friends have been asking me how I make the infographics. I find it very simple. But, I admit that that simple mindset is after hundreds of hours playing with Piktochart. I … Kelly Christopherson‘s insight: This is a great infographic about how to make…

Connecting With Students

See on – Educational Discourse Do you connect with your students? ~Mia Kelly Christopherson‘s insight: As school begins, keep in mind that we need to connect with our students before we can learn with them.  See on

Manners Matter Netiquette [Infographic]

See on – Educational Discourse Find out more about the do’s and don’ts on online manners. For more information about internet issues visit Knowthenet today. Kelly Christopherson‘s insight: A good discussion starter – a reminder that people are important. The internet isn’t a humanless void.  See on

Let the Students Set the Rules

See on – Educational Discourse Is this a crazy idea? I have found it very effective. I usually spend a substantial amount of time the first class creating rules with the class. It starts the students thinking , bonding, and taki… Kelly Christopherson‘s insight: Let students be part of the deciding how things will…