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TJShay  has begun a meme and I’ve been meaning to get to giving my 5 cents about it but it’s been very busy over the past 2 weeks. Finally, this afternoon, I have a bit of time to sit back and think about how I might answer the question:  

List FIVE changes you would like to see in the educational system.  Your responses should represent your perspective and your passion for learning and students.  

1. I would like to see changes in how we assess students all the way from when they begin school to after they graduate from university. The present system is based on a competitive model that doesn’t promote student  collaborative learning or the take into account the new reality of the social systems that are becoming common place. We should no longer trying to see how well or how much students can remember. Instead, we should be seeing how well they apply what they know and how well they continue their own learning through various means.

2. Infuse learning with technologies that enhance learning – helping teachers to expand and shift their teaching practices to incorporate these new technologies. This doesn’t have to be a $ issue either. Teachers, like other professionals, need to be allowed to seek compensation for their investment through tax incentives and other such things. Have students be able to purchase low-cost technology through partnerships with industry without the need for schools to return corporate advertising. 

3. PD needs to be directly related to the classroom and student development. Notice, I didn’t say achievement here. Developing students should be our focus – achievement creates a competitiveness that doesn’t belong in learning. 

4. Teachers need to be lifelong learners thus their own learning needs to be demonstrated, encouraged, supported and  examined. Through their continued learning, teachers will be exposed to new ideas, different strategies, new techniques and collaborative situations. Through the use of technologies, teachers can become engaged in so many different activities that will enhance their own learning while not being a drain on $. 

5. Like TJShay, I would like to see changes in how teachers, administrators and others are hired and maintain their positions. See TJShay’s list on these matters. 

So that’s my list of 5 things. Now I’ll tag the following to see what they have to say!

1. David Truss

2. Lisa Parizi

3. Kim Cofino

4. Jennifer Dorman

5. Alec Couros

6. Glenn Moses


  1. courosa


    I really do want to participate in this at some point … thanks for tagging me … it may be a while though. 🙁

  2. Reply

    Hi Kelly,
    Although I know, that you know, that I don’t like memes, you have invited me to write one that I cannot resist:-)
    That said, it will come in time! I have 3 posts I’m working on right now, and a fourth that actually has a deadline, and yet have been very slow at getting anything onto my blog these days.
    I feel like this is asking me to compile a bunch of ideas that I’ve already shared, and doing so will be a good, but slow process.
    In the mean time, add your post here: http://5thingseducation.pbwiki.com/ and hopefully sharing other’s ideas will suffice until I am able to contribute my own!

  3. Katelyn


    I enjoyed reading through your list! I am an college student aspiring to be a language arts teacher. It is interesting to see what others think should be changed in the educational system as I learn more and more about the system. The different view points have helped me formulate my own point of view on issues such as the ones you have brought up here. Thanks!

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