The past few weeks have been terrible blah. I’ve been keeping up with various readings and twitters but things seem to have ground to a period halt. It’s kind of like the circling stage before landing when nothing seems to be happening and you’re waiting for the landing to get done so you can get on with things.

Our school has gone through some extensive changes and we are still waiting for some of the final work to be done. One of the major items that has taken place is that our computers in our rooms are no longer linked to our network which means teachers aren’t really using them which is too bad because they could be continuing with their growth but, it seems, without the network they just aren’t really interested. Our lab has been going through some changes as we try to get all the different components working together and our entire system is still feeling the affects of a massive change-over from the summer. All told, many of the teachers are frustrated and really not wanting to get into any new things.

On the bright side, the staff wiki is being used regularly by different people and some are finally beginning to add information. This is a huge jump for us and one that I hope to build upon in the upcoming months as some of the other little glitches are ironed out.

As a technology leader, I’m finding that much of what is happening with technology is so beyond what we can do as a school. Many of the sites seem to be blocked, thus I use Pageflakes to twitter. As I try to remain focused on helping teachers us technology, many of the other division and school focuses are pushing it into the background. Not that this is necessarily bad since we are doing some great work in reading and assessment. It just seems that, since the technology isn’t really up to par, there is little drive to move to the next step. People are extremely busy and the time just isn’t there.

I’ve also been very involved in developing my Walk-Through schedule and technique plus helping with the development of the School Code of Conduct and other school policies. I often read, with a tint of jealously, what others are doing and the progress they are making for themselves and with other teachers. Sigh 🙁 It’s like being in the middle of the ocean on a sailboat and not a breath of air to move one along. And with the Christmas season upon us, I’m thinking that there won’t be a whole lot of time left over for technology.

I once read that the only difference between a rut and a grave was the depth of the rut. I’m sure looking forward to getting out of this one because it seems to be getting fairly deep right now! Who know, maybe this post will be the beginning of something!

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