In from the dark!

Ahhh! This looks like a familiar place. It seems I’ve been here before although it has been a long time and I do feel somewhat of a stranger to this place. I know that, like riding a unicycle, it will take some time to regain my balance and sense of place but once I do, I’ll be able to get back to my usual writing.  Oh, welcome visitor. You are a very persistent one aren’t you. I wasn’t sure that anyone would be able to find the place with all this dust and spider webs, concealed here in a corner of blogosphere.


Come. Sit. I’ll try not to bore you with meaningless tales of what I’ve been doing with my time or such things (although I have been doing some amazing things, completely changing the environment in which I live!) That’s for another time. Why I’ve returned to this special space is to recount a discovery I’ve made that I think might be somewhat helpful for some others. Before I start, are you comfortable? Need a drink or a small snack? Ah, well. Probably better, I’m not sure that you’d want to eat or drink any of what I’ve left here anyway. (Although that wine and ale might have aged just nicely. Again, for another time!)

You see, I’ve made an interesting discovery about myself and, maybe, just maybe,  some of you might just be able to take something away from this.

You see, as I was crossing the plains of my mind, just examining the various experiences and interesting implications of these, I began to notice a very noticeable pattern of battle scars that pocked the surface. Around these battle areas, each one with a black flag that showed the person(s) with whom I was battling, were dead grass areas probably a result of the awful toxins that resulted from these battles. Now, some of them seemed to still be raw and sore, like there were still festering even though the person(s) were no longer in my life. I was confused because, unlike other events or emotions that had left their marks on the plain, many of these were evenly spaced, with a similar  growth pattern between them.

The growth between them was amazing, consisting of wonderful memory flowers of great colours and variety. The flowers increase in intensity until about halfway between the two was an incredibly brilliant growth. As I approached, I could feel the joy and calmness radiating from them, like an oasis in the dessert. Each one also had a flag that identified the event and the people involved. As I wandered from one to the other, I noticed that those which involved my wife and children were of the greatest intensity, followed by those with my family and friends.

As I scanned the landscape, I began to see the pattern emerge.

What? You need to go. Okay.

I’ll finish at another time – but please come back to visit. I enjoy your company. And, if I’m out, leave me a message to let me know you were here. Since returning, I realize I have neglected visiting many of my dear friends around the blogosphere and I plan to do some of that in the near future. I ‘ll check in daily and reply to your messages.

I know not when I’ll be able to finish the tale and divulge to the world my discovery that, I believe, is going to assist me to become a much better person and, hopefully, a much better teacher and leader.

No, sorry, no time for the ale or wine. But come back and we’ll share one on your next visit and I’ll let you know what I’ve discovered.


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